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Close Knit Hosiery is a premier sock manufacturing business from Pakistan. Our focus is to provide customers immediate access to the best socks, carefully created using the best cotton from the Faisalabad cotton hub.

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Close Knit Hosiery is a premier sock manufacturing business from Pakistan

Our focus is to provide customers with immediate access to the best socks on the market, carefully created using the best cotton from the Faisalabad cotton hub.This region is prevalent for its cotton production and numerous factories that create hosiery and apparel for the largest brands in the world are based here. Numerous generations have worked in the cotton industry, and that’s why you can find multiple manufacturing facilities focused on growing cotton to manufacturing finished goods at the highest possible level. 

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More than 20 years ago, our family found a few Bentley sock knitting machines among a lot of scrap. These machines were sent to engineers that would repair them and ensure that they can still be used even up to this date. The challenge is that such machines are slow and very old, yet they still provide state-of-the-art results despite that. From our humble beginnings of selling locally and to neighbouring countries our company expanded from that, and now we have multiple new machines that make it easy to manufacture and export socks worldwide.

After multiple months of research and connecting with directors, we decided to establish an outstanding, highly technologic knitting facility, all powered by European, fully automated knitting machines. Thanks to these machines and the best thread counts, we can start creating great socks from start to finish. We have a lean, comprehensive production system with raw thread entering one end of the factory and extraordinary socks coming from the other end.


We produces the best

We are focused on improving Pakistan’s reputation in the sock manufacturing industry. It’s our focus to assist the country in expanding the manufacturing world while also pushing the boundaries and reaching a new perspective in the long term.

Our plans for the future

Close Knit Hosiery will soon increase the number of knitting machines and the daily output. On top of that, we are becoming a community leader in charity projects and assisting people in need. We are also bringing in new technologies like automated warehouse keeping. Close Knit Hosiery is also implementing new, energy-efficient practices while also using air purification systems and industrial-grade water filteration. At the same time, we care about our team, and that’s why we are implementing adequate staff training and development solutions.

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